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WildEarth Guardians’ staff & board – bios and contact information

Staff & Board

WildEarth Guardians’ staff work in offices across the West, combining intellect and legal acumen with a passion for the Wild. Our formidable board of directors ensures that we are always moving in the right direction. And we certainly could not do what we do without the hard work of our interns and contractors.

Learn more about our staff and board, including contact information, below.

WildEarth Guardians Staff

Leia Barnett

Greater Gila Campaigner

Lindsay Biedel

Major Gifts Officer

Jeremy Bremser

Financial Manager

Samantha Bruegger

Wildlife Coexistence Campaigner

Joe Bushyhead

Endangered Species Policy Advocate

Madeleine Carey

Southwest Conservation Manager

Amrit Cheng

Communications Director

Annaliza Herrera

Digital Content Coordinator

Eleni Ho-On

Executive Administrative Assistant

Matthew Koehler

Communications Manager

Chris Krupp, J.D.

Public Lands Attorney

Lindsay Larris

Wildlife Program Director

Sarah McMillan, J.D.

Conservation Director

Kate Merlin

Climate and Energy Program Colorado Attorney

Jack Meyer

Greater Gila Arizona Advocate

Jeremy Nichols

Climate and Energy Program Director

Luciana Nino

Field Organizer

Matt Nykiel

Climate & Energy Program Attorney

Caitlin Oxley

Membership Manager

Lizzy Pennock

Legal Fellow

Megan Paschke

Legal Fellow

Danielle Plourde

Data Management Administrator

Adam Rissien

Rewilding Advocate

Andrew Rothman

Wild Places Program Director

Chris Smith, M.A.

Southwest Wildlife Advocate

Tricia Snyder

Rio Grande Campaigner

Marlies Wierenga, M.S.

Pacific Northwest Conservation Manager

Interns and Contractors

Javier Gallegos

Photography Intern

Cheyanne Neuffer

Nevada Wildlife Engagement Coordinator

Board of Directors