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Photo Credit: Sam Parks

About WildEarth Guardians – who we are and what we do

About Us

WildEarth Guardians protects and restores the wildlife, wild places, wild rivers, and health of the American West.

Driven by passion, we’ve tackled some of the West’s most difficult and pressing conservation challenges over the past three decades. We’ve celebrated small victories (banning leghold trapping in the state of Colorado), monumental triumphs (ending logging on more than 21 million acres in the Southwest), and everything in-between.

We’re proof that a group of committed, visionary, idealistic, and passionate caretakers of the wild can take on the most daunting adversaries—and win.

Areas of Work

Our four programs bring people, science, and the law together in defense of the American West.

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Public Lands

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Climate + Energy

Landmark Victories

Learn about how we successfully kept billions of tons of coal in the ground; gave the Rio Grande a pulse; protected hundreds of imperiled species; and much more.

Photo: David Palmer

Recent Stories

WildEarth Guardians Press

It’s Time to End the War on wildlife

Counter Punch | Feb 12, 2021

A secretive and little-known federal agency that uses your tax dollars to trap, snare, poison, and aerial gun our nation’s iconic wildlife to “manage” them wants you to greenlight multiple new proposals that would allow even more bloodshed.

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All Guardians Op-Eds

We need complete climate leadership in Colorado
The Pueblo Chieftain | Feb 11, 2021
Trump’s Parting Gift to the NRA
Counter Punch | Jan 21, 2021
Oil and Gas is Costing New Mexico Dearly
Counter Punch | Dec 25, 2020

Ozone problems continue to plague New Mexico. Enviros seek federal action, blame oil and gas

Carlsbad Current Argus | Mar 4, 2021

Southeast New Mexico’s ozone problem was brought to the attention of the federal government by a Santa Fe-based environmental group calling for the State to be sanctioned for alleged inaction on air pollution in the region known for heavy oil and gas extraction.

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