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Press Releases
May 14, 2021
Huge clearcutting plan next to Yellowstone threatening grizzlies and lynx halted

Proposal called for 4,600 acres of clearcuts, bulldozing up to 56 miles of roads on public lands just outside of Yellowstone National Park

Public Lands, Wildlife
#PressStatement, #ProtectWhatYouLove, #StopExtinction, #WildlandsForWildlife
May 13, 2021
Emergency federal protections sought for imperiled Joshua tree

WildEarth Guardians files Endangered Species Act petitions for climate-threatened desert plant

#EndangeredSpeciesAct, #PressStatement, #StopExtinction
May 11, 2021
Positive step in defense of rare New Mexico plants threatened by fracking

Guardians seeks Endangered Species Act protection for imperiled Aztec gilia and Clover’s cactus found only in the Greater Chaco Landscape of northwestern New Mexico

Climate + Energy, Wildlife
#EndTheWarOnWildlife, #FrackOffChaco, #GreaterChaco, #KeepItInTheGround, #PressStatement, #ProtectWhatYouLove, #StopExtinction
May 10, 2021
Climate lawsuit challenges fracking threatening Colorado’s forests

Unchecked oil and gas extraction threatens climate, Colorado's North Fork Valley

Climate + Energy
May 7, 2021
Idaho Governor Little signs wolf extermination bill into law

New law allows hunters, trappers, and private contractors to slaughter 90% of the wolves in Idaho by numerous brutal methods

#EndangeredSpeciesAct, #PressStatement, #ProtectWhatYouLove, #StopExtinction
May 5, 2021
10-year anniversary of northern Rockies wolf delisting comes amid on-going slaughter

Undemocratic move a decade ago opened floodgates for widespread wolf killing in Idaho and Montana, paving the way for even more barbaric wolf-killing schemes in 2021

#EndangeredSpeciesAct, #PressStatement, #ProtectWhatYouLove, #StopExtinction
Apr 27, 2021
Lawsuit challenges Trump administration approval of southeast Idaho phosphate mine

Bureau of Land Management approved the mine in 2019 on 1,559 acres of ecologically important public land that’s essential to the imperiled greater sage grouse and other species

Public Lands
#PressStatement, #ProtectWhatYouLove, #PublicLandsInPublicHands, #WildlandsForWildlife
Apr 26, 2021
Appeal filed to sustain Colorado River flows and stop Gross Dam expansion

Coalition stays the course in fight to halt construction of tallest dam in Colorado history

#CORiver, #ForceForNature, #LivingRivers, #ProtectWhatYouLove, #RethinkRivers, #StopExtinction
Apr 23, 2021
Huge clearcutting, roadbuilding plan next to Yellowstone National Park opposed

U.S. Forest Service plan for 4,600 acres of clearcuts and bulldozing 56 miles of roads on public lands just outside Yellowstone National Park threatens grizzly bears and Canada lynx

Public Lands, Wildlife
#EndangeredSpeciesAct, #PressStatement, #ProtectWhatYouLove, #WildlandsForWildlife
Apr 22, 2021
An Earth Day gift for national forests and climate resiliency

Legacy Roads and Trails legislation introduced for clean water, connected habitat, and jobs

Public Lands, Rivers, Wildlife
#EcosystemRestoration, #PressStatement, #Rewilding