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Jeremy Bremser

Financial Manager

Jeremy was born in Connecticut and moved out to Los Alamos, NM when he was six. He graduated from Los Alamos High School and then attended the University of New Mexico. Jeremy grew up playing many instruments and was part of both Jazz band and Marching band. Winter is his favorite time of year. Jeremy enjoys hockey and has played a lot growing up. Now he is a local referee for the last 17 years. Jeremy has also been SCUBA Diving for 28+ years and has traveled all over the globe, visitng places like Fiji, Palau, and Australia to enjoy the sport. He likes to spend his free time with his daughter. They go biking, hiking, swimming, and many more activities together.

Jeremy joined the Guardians team in 2018 after spending his background in property management accounting, along with Hotel and Restaurant accounting. Jeremy has been an accountant for almost 20 years now.