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Urge the incoming Biden administration to restore Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves

Just days before the presidential election, the Trump administration stripped Endangered Species Act protections from gray wolves across the entire lower 48. We can’t let fragile wolf-recovery efforts to be stalled and allow states, hunters, and trappers to push the species back to the brink of extinction. Sign our petition urging the incoming Biden administration to take immediate action to restore Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves.

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WildEarth Guardians can only build power and cultivate change with your help. Speak up today for wildlife, wild places, wild rivers, and a safe climate we can all cherish.

Tell Secretary Sonny Perdue to protect, not destroy, National Forests

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue oversees management of 193 million acres of National Forests and Grasslands across the country. Unfortunately, if his management “vision” is fulfilled, they will be destroyed for logging, mining, oil and gas development, livestock grazing, and motorized use. Raise your voice against exploitation and for the protection and restoration of National Forests and the wild places you love.

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Stop new attacks on the Endangered Species Act

Despite devastating reports of catastrophic species loss, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service are proposing a second round of rollbacks to undercut the Endangered Species Act. Protect biodiversity by opposing this damaging new attack on the Endangered Species Act. Take action today!

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Bureau of Land Management Acting Director William Perry Pendley Must Be Fired

It’s way past time for anti-public lands zealot William Perry Pendley to be shown the door at the Bureau of Land Management. Please tell Interior Secretary David Bernhardt that he needs to immediately remove Acting Director Pendley from his position before he does more harm to public lands and the Bureau of Land Management.

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(Restricted*) Tell Your Senator: No Public Lands Disposals in the Defense Spending Bill

*PLEASE NOTE: This action is only available to people from the following states: AL, AK, AZ, AR, CT, FL, GA, HI, IL, IA, ME, MA, MI, MS, MO, NE, NH, NM, NY, NC, ND, OK, RI, SD, TN, VA, WV.
Senator Cortez Masto (D-Nevada) wants to sell off or give away almost 100,000 acres of public lands in central Nevada and transfer another 380,000 acres to the military by sneaking her proposals into the annual defense spending bill. Tell your senator, a member of the Armed Services Committee, that these provisions have no place in the 2021 defense spending bill.

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Colorado Needs to Get Back on Track for Climate Action and Climate Justice

Colorado isn’t on track to meet legally required greenhouse gas reduction targets and we need Governor Jared Polis to change that. A lack of climate progress is putting low income neighborhoods and people of color at risk. With greenhouse gases fueling unprecedented drought, wildfires, and temperatures, he needs to hear from us all that climate action can’t be delayed!

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Speak Up for Wolves on National Forests

With commercial livestock grazing permitted on over 102 million acres of the 193 million acres within National Forest System lands, the time has come for U.S. Forest Service to end the livestock industry’s war on wolves and other native wildlife. Join Guardians in telling the Forest Service that it’s time to adopt a mandate of wildlife coexistence.

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End the Taxpayer Funded War on Wildlife

For far too long the federal government has used our hard-earned tax dollars to slaughter native wildlife on public lands. Tell your representative and senators this all-out war on wildlife and public safety must stop today.
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Protect Greater Chaco: Defend Communities, Culture, and Climate

The Greater Chaco region of northwest New Mexico is under siege by more fracking and more broken promises. A new plan by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management would open the door for more than 3,000 new oil and gas wells, threatening the cultural integrity of the landscape, communities and health, and clean air and water. Take action today to defend Greater Chaco!

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Make Public Lands Cruelty-free

Trapping, poisoning, and aerial gunning (shooting animals from small airplanes or helicopters) are still rampant across our public lands. Help us put an end to the cruelty and danger.
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Don't Let the Oil and Gas Industry Dump its Toxic Waste in New Mexico

The oil and gas industry wants to dump its toxic waste into New Mexico’s clean water, threatening the health and safety of New Mexicans. We can’t let this happen! Speak out, sign the petition, and tell the New Mexico Oil Conservation Commission to put the brakes on its proposed regulations!

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Tell Congress to Protect Public Lands

The government agencies that manage federal public lands and safeguard our environment have been busy rolling back public lands protections across the American West. But Congress has ultimate authority over public lands, not the agencies. Please tell your representative and senators in Washington, D.C. to reverse agency rollbacks and protect public lands for all.

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Stop Extinction for Living Rivers

The Endangered Species Act is our country’s most essential environmental law protecting plants and animals. Yet some members of Congress want to weaken the law and clear a path for industry to mine, log, and drill away our natural heritage.
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Tell Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham: No Dumping Frack Water in New Mexico

New Mexico’s Governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, wants to dump toxic oil and gas industry wastewater into streams, drinking waters, and on crops. We need your help to stop this. Tell Governor Lujan Grisham not to open the door for toxic frack water dumping.

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Ask your representative to support a sodium cyanide ban

Across the West, native species face excruciating deaths when they unsuspectingly set off sodium cyanide bombs, also known as M-44s. We are calling on Congress to abolish these inhumane tools and cultivate an ethic of coexistence with native wildlife. Together, we can usher in a new era of humane, scientific, and effective wildlife management.

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Speak Out for Clean Water

Flowing, healthy rivers are vital to all life. They nourish communities, connect ecosystems, transport nutrients, and provide corridors and habitat for fish and wildlife. Unfortunately, living rivers are in peril throughout the American West. We need your voice! Tell Congress to protect and defend clean water for people and ecosystems and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

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Demand Safe Passage for Wildlife

The bipartisan Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act of 2019 would protect wildlife like grizzly bears, cougars, bobcats, and even butterflies by offering them wildlife corridors for safe travel to suitable habitat and away from places that humans have degraded and destroyed. Please ask your senators and reps to support this legislation. Together, our voices can safeguard wildlife and stop extinction!

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Support Joshua Tree Conservation

Climate change is a clear and present danger to the Joshua tree. The Trump administration is ignoring the science, as usual, but there’s still a chance to make your voice heard. Sign our petition to Secretary of Interior Bernhardt asking him to reconsider granting protections to this iconic desert plant.

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NM Only: Raise Your Voice for a #LivingRio

The Rio Grande is dying. To bring the once mighty river back to life, our political leaders need to know we care. Sign the #LivingRio Petition today to stand up for a living Rio Grande.

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Demand Action to Protect Endangered Species

Join Guardians in fighting back against the Trump administration’s gutting of the Endangered Species Act. Contact your senators today and ask them to co-sponsor the PAW & FIN Act (S. 2491) to preserve our most powerful tool for protecting species from extinction.

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It's Time for Real Energy Independence

Tri-State Generation and Transmission provides power to 43 co-ops in Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Wyoming. If you’re a member of a Tri-State co-op, now is your chance to demand clean and affordable renewable energy.
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Protect Public Lands, Clean Air, and the Climate: Keep Dirty Coal in the Ground

Together with a coalition of states, the Northern Cheyenne Tribe, and other environmental advocates, we’ve filed suit to block the Trump administration’s attempts to sell out the American public to the coal industry. Speak out today and stand with us in demanding the administration KEEP OUR COAL IN THE GROUND!

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Support a nationwide ban on wildlife killing contests

Wildlife killing contests are a disgusting practice in which the winners are rewarded for piling up the most or biggest animals or even killing the most different kinds of species. We’re working hard to end these barbaric and reprehensible killing competitions nationwide. Sign our petition today!

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