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Tell the Forest Service Not To Limit Public Participation In Its Decision-making

Under proposed revisions to the National Environmental Policy Act regulations, the Forest Service wants to limit public notification and participation in its decision-making. Please contact the Forest Service today and demand it reject the proposed revisions.

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The Official Action Center of WildEarth Guardians

A Voice for the Voiceless

WildEarth Guardians can only build power and cultivate change with your help. Speak up today for wildlife, wild places, wild rivers, and a safe climate we can all cherish.

NM Only: Raise Your Voice for a #LivingRio

The Rio Grande is dying. To bring the once mighty river back to life, our political leaders need to know we care. Sign the #LivingRio Petition today to stand up for a living Rio Grande.

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Stand With us to #ProtectChaco

With support mounting to protect the Greater Chaco region from fracking, we’re stepping up our call for a moratorium on drilling and leasing lands for oil and gas in this sacred landscape. Sign our petition and help us turn the tide on the oil and gas industry. #ProtectChaco, #FrackOffChaco!

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CO Only: Ask Gov. Polis to Stop Wildlife Killings in Colorado

Oil and gas development is depleting mule deer populations. However, Colorado Parks and Wildlife has contracted with Wildlife Services to slaughter innocent carnivores in the name of restoring these populations. Sign our letter to Gov. Polis demanding he take action to defund and stop these lethal management plans.

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Stand With us to Defend Clean Air Along Colorado's Front Range

This year, WildEarth Guardians launched its Colorado Front Range Oil and Gas Clean Air Enforcement Initiative. Over the past several months, we’ve sued oil and gas companies, challenged illegal permits, and pushed back against federal fracking approvals. Stand with us in calling on Governor Jared Polis to take swift and aggressive action to clean up our air and hold the fracking industry accountable to our health.

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Stand With Us, Protect Greater Chaco

The Greater Chaco region is once again in the crosshairs of the oil and gas industry, facing renewed threats from fracking. Stand with us as we push back against this Trump fossil fuel giveaway and defend this sacred landscape! Urge New Mexico’s Congressional delegation to permanently protect Greater Chaco from fracking.

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CO Residents: Stop Bobcat Hunting and Trapping in Colorado

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission is currently considering a citizen petition to end the barbaric practice of bobcat hunting. Let the members of the commission know that you want to see bobcats running free, not caught in traps or hounded by dogs and shot out of trees as trophies or for their fur.

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Help end wildlife killing contests in Arizona (AZ Only)

The Arizona Game and Fish Commission is currently considering new rules that would end killing contests for native carnivores and furbearing species. Please add your voice to the growing chorus of people who want science-based, ethical, and humane wildlife policy. The comment period closes May 12th.

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Demand Safe Passage for Wildlife

The bipartisan Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act of 2019 would protect wildlife like grizzly bears, cougars, bobcats, and even butterflies by offering them wildlife corridors for safe travel to suitable habitat and away from places that humans have degraded and destroyed. Please ask your senators and reps to support this legislation. Together, our voices can safeguard wildlife and stop extinction!

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It's Time for Real Energy Independence

Tri-State Generation and Transmission provides power to 43 co-ops in Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Wyoming. If you’re a member of a Tri-State co-op, now is your chance to demand clean and affordable renewable energy.

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Make Public Lands Cruelty-free

Trapping, poisoning, and aerial gunning (shooting animals from small airplanes or helicopters) are still rampant across our public lands. Help us put an end to the cruelty and danger.

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Defend the Endangered Species Act

The Endangered Species Act is our country’s most essential environmental law protecting plants and animals. Yet some members of Congress want to weaken the law and clear a path for industry to mine, log, and drill away our natural heritage.

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End the Taxpayer Funded War on Wildlife

For far too long our federal government has used our hard-earned tax dollars to slaughter native wildlife on our public lands. Tell your representatives this all-out war on wildlife and public safety must stop today.

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End the War on Wolves!

A few weeks ago, the Trump administration announced that it wants to remove protection for gray wolves in the lower 48. If you haven’t done so already, this Earth Day would be a great day to show your support for some of the Earth’s most persecuted residents. Please note that if you’ve already submitted comments, you do not need to do so again.

For more information and general talking points, click this link.

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