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The Official Action Center of WildEarth Guardians

A Voice for the Voiceless

WildEarth Guardians can only build power and cultivate change with your help. Speak up today for wildlife, wild places, wild rivers, and a safe climate we can all cherish.

Climate & Energy

End the oil and gas industry’s free pass to pollute New Mexico!

Pumpjack near Carlsbad, NM

Protect Greater Chaco From Fracking

Urge President Biden to keep dirty fossil fuels in the ground


Protect ancient wetlands in our National Forests

rio grande

New Mexicans deserve clean water!

rio grande

Add your voice to help save the Rio Grande silvery minnow

silvery minnow

Tell Congress to prioritize climate resilience for western rivers and communities

Wild Places

Help Ensure Old Growth Forests Have a Future

Transparency needed for Legacy Roads and Trails projects

The Greater Gila deserves protection!

Protect America's National Forests

Help stop plans by a Canadian company to expand mining in the Greater Gila

Urge Congress to take action to achieve 30 x 30 goals


Help Keep Grizzly Bears Protected

Tell Congress to protect the Endangered Species Act

Tell the Fish and Wildlife Service: Free Asha and her pack!

Grant national protection to gray wolves

Urge the Biden administration to protect Joshua trees

Act now to defend Montana grizzly bears

End the Taxpayer Funded War on Wildlife

Red Fox

Support a nationwide ban on wildlife killing contests

Gray wolves need federal Endangered Species Act protections

Northern Rocky Mountain wolves need Endangered Species Act protections

Tell Congress to stop funding Wildlife Services' killing crusade

Salt River Arizona WildEarth Guardians