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American clean energy – championing freedom and choice for a fossil-fuel-free American West

Climate + Energy

The promise of freedom. The power of choice. The spirit of democracy. These are cornerstones of the American identity. Yet when it comes to clean energy, these ideals are conspicuously absent.

Right now, the federal government sells our public lands to oil, gas, and coal companies, then bails them out when they go bankrupt—even when clean energy is cheaper.  Meanwhile, massive utility companies deprive communities, large and small, of their freedom of choice. That doesn’t sound like “democracy” to us.

We envision a future in which communities are empowered to choose the kind of power, jobs, and local solutions that benefit current and future generations—solutions that will also enable us to confront the climate crisis. It’s time for a power shift to a fossil-fuel-free American West. A new energy Independence Day is dawning.

Climate + Energy Program Work

WildEarth Guardians’ Climate + Energy program is focusing its energy on three campaigns.

Keep It in the Ground

Preserving our public lands for future generations—not selling our national heritage to mining companies.

Doable Renewable

Giving Western communities, not big corporations, the freedom to choose their power sources and solutions.

A Just Transition

Providing economic resources for communities and workers to move toward a clean energy future.

Support a Clean Future

Your voice matters! Visit our action center to see ways that you can help us protect communities and the climate from toxic pollution.


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Get rid of all ‘forever chemicals’

Santa Fe New Mexican | May 1, 2023

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham wants to protect New Mexicans from dangerous PFAS “forever chemicals.” Will she include oil and gas PFAS as well?

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Residents living near Montana coal mines warn feds about new state laws

Billings Gazette | Nov 2, 2023

Witnesses bordering three Montana coal mines expressed concerns for more than an hour about what mine runoff would become under a new state law redefining “material damage” when it comes to mine impacts on water quality outside of the mine’s footprint.

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