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Be a Force for Nature: Become a Monthly Donor

Protecting native species and wild places in the American West takes steady, reliable support from passionate activists like you.

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The Wild Bunch, the most effective way to give

WildEarth Guardians Monthly Giving

At WildEarth Guardians, we believe in nature’s inherent right to exist and thrive—and we can’t do it alone. Your automatic, monthly gift helps maintain long-term stability needed to tackle new and urgent threats to the Wild.

Contact Caitlin Oxley at (505) 819-1060 or coxley@wildearthguardians.org for more information.

Donor Story

IMichael and Lynn Koeppen

Michael and Lynn Koeppen


Lynn and I became monthly donors because WildEarth Guardians is so active in fighting for the wilderness and wildlife we treasure. They do so much more than other organizations we’ve belonged to in the past. They’re the “boots on the ground,” so to speak, among environmental groups.

How Monthly Giving Works

Wild Bunch

When you join the Wild Bunch, your monthly, tax-deductible gift provides Guardians with the ability to react swiftly and with force in response to urgent threats against the Wild. Whether it’s sage grouse habitat being trampled by fossil fuel development; a wolf threatened by hunting; or the Rio Grande running dry because we’re not living within our means; Guardians can respond quickly and effectively thanks to our Wild Bunch supporters.

As our most dedicated and rowdy supporters, Wild Bunch members receive special benefits including:

The latest updates on Guardians’ work straight to your inbox.

Quarterly Wild at Heart newsletters.

Exclusive updates from our Executive Director.

Discounts on event admission, including our Annual Gala and Howling Affair.

A Guardians sticker that you can put wherever you want to proudly show your support.

Monthly Giving Is


Become a Wild Bunch member with a monthly donation of $5 or more with a credit or debit card. You can also donate directly from your bank account, which means more of your gift goes to defending the West because there are no card processing fees!

Managable Online

You can log in and update your information, change your gift amount, or cancel at any time. If you find that your financial situation has changed, you can even skip a payment instead of canceling completely.

Eco-friendly and Efficient

When you join the Wild Bunch, we’ll send you less mail, saving resources and the planet. You’ll also have the option to opt out of mail completely and receive all updates electronically. Plus, you won’t need to worry about your membership lapsing!

Donor Story

IMichael and Lynn Koeppen

Lori Girshick


I became a monthly supporter because the work you are doing is so incredibly important. Without our top predators we cannot have healthy ecosystems. Without healthy ecosystems, humans cannot be healthy. Humans have to stand up and protect wild animals from other humans who are brainwashed to hate them, to see killing them as sport, and who do not care about their rights to live a species appropriate life.

For as little as $5 per month, you can make a sustaining contribution to WildEarth Guardians and ensure your gift is funding long-term, ongoing projects.

Give $5 monthly

Helps Guardians challenge the Forest Service’s logging and road building that harm imperiled fish and wildlife.

Give $10 monthly

Helps distribute wildlife Coexistence Toolkits to local ranchers.

Give $25 monthly

Helps sponsor a day of filming for a Guardians video, like the recent one to End Trapping on Public Lands

Give $50 monthly

Helps create a GIS mapping project showing the effects of grazing on public lands.

Donor Story

IMichael and Lynn Koeppen

Eric Witte


I first learned of Guardians when I read an article they wrote about the gases coming off gas wells here on the front range of Colorado. They explained what it does to our air quality and its impact on the environment. When I read their mission statement and discovered their passion for protecting wild animals along with the environment I said, “Yes, I want to support this organization.”

How to Manage Your Gift Online

How to log in

You can manage your gift by logging in here.

Your username is already assigned to you and is typically your email address. You can click Forgot Password to trigger an email with password instructions. Be sure to check your spam folder!

How to update your contact information or how you hear from us

Once logged in, you should be on the Personal Profile page. 

Scroll down to Edit Your Profile and you can update your contact information, sign up for emails, opt out of mail, and more.

Update your card or bank account

Once logged in, navigate to the Monthly/Annual Payment and Billing Information at the top. 

Click the blue text view details to open your gift.

Click edit next to Payment Method to enter a new card or bank information

Change your monthly gift amount

Once logged in, navigate to the Monthly/Annual Payment and Billing Information at the top.

Click the blue text view details to open your gift. 

Click edit next to Payment to enter a new gift amount.

Cancel your gift

Once logged in, navigate to the Monthly/Annual Payment and Billing Information at the top.

Click the blue text view details to open your gift.

Click the red Discontinue Payments text and a pop up will appear to confirm your cancellation.

Contact Caitlin Oxley at at (505) 819-1060 or coxley@wildearthguardians.org if you’d like to start your gift over the phone, would like to update your card, you’re having trouble logging in, and for any questions related to your donations.