WildEarth Guardians is Mobilizing For Climate Resistance

Image result for people's climate marchWildEarth Guardians is joining Peoples Climate Movement, 350.org, Sierra Club, SEIU, CEJA, and dozens more in a collective call to Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice at marches and events across the country and around the world on September 8th.

Now more than ever, Americans are rising up to demand real leadership on the systemic injustices that plague our communities. From flooding on the coasts to rampant wildfires on the west, Americans are hurting and demanding change over contrition. 

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Tens of thousands of people are expected to march for Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice September 8th, a national and international mobilization for climate action. On September 8th, four days before the start of Governor Jerry Brown’s Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) and two months before the midterm elections, people from across the country and around the world will take to the streets to demonstrate the power and energy of the climate movement, demand bold action on climate change, and amplify the leadership of those most impacted by the climate crisis.

As climate impacts steadily worsen, the federal government continues to roll back climate and environmental policies, all the while increasing attacks and undermining the dignity and human rights of families and communities.

In the absence of federal action, Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice September 8th will set the bar for the Summit by demonstrating what real climate leadership looks like and challenging local elected officials and international governments to accelerate progress towards just and equitable climate solutions. Events will call on leaders and elected officials to invest in real solutions to the climate crisis that prioritize the most impacted and vulnerable of our communities, like a massive, just transition to a 100% clean and renewable energy economy that ensures safe and healthy communities, the right to organize for all workers, and millions of family-sustaining jobs.

When our leaders fail us in Washington, we will take to the streets and create the groundswell to raise the tide for political action. We demand justice – justice for jobs, for public health, and for our environment.

Dozens of events are planned for September 8th. An anchor event in San Francisco expecting tens of thousands of participants will be echoed by marches, rallies, and forums in New York City; Miami; New Orleans; Flint, MI; Joliet, IL; Denver; Minneapolis; and many more around the globe.

Image result for rise for justice sept 8WildEarth Guardians will be leading events in New Mexico and Colorado. Follow ClimateWest on Facebook and Twitter to get involved and stay up to date on actions. 

To read the joint press release online, go here >> https://350.org/press-release/climate-impacts-rise-for-climate-mobilization-september-8th/

To find a march near you >> www.riseforclimate.org



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