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Press Releases
Nov 18, 2019
Conservationists Intervene in Ludicrous Effort to Dam the Little Colorado River Half a Mile from the Grand Canyon

Arizona company thinks flooding one of America’s most stunning landscapes is a good idea

#CORiver, #LivingRivers
Oct 31, 2019
Homeland Security Issues New Round of Waivers for Trump’s Border Wall

Sensitive desert lands and communities along Rio Grande threatened by reckless policies

#LivingRio, #ProtectWhatYouLove, #RethinkRivers
Sep 10, 2019
Rio Grande is Dry, Despite Wettest Winter in a Decade

Thousands of Rio Grande silvery minnows are dying

Rivers, Wildlife
#RethinkRivers, #ReviveTheRio
Jul 26, 2019
Agreement Ensures Flows and Funds Dedicated to Restore Living Rio Grande

Protests to Water Transfers from Agriculture to Municipal Uses Resolved

#LivingRivers, #RethinkRivers, #ReviveTheRio
Jul 18, 2019
25 Years After Listing, a Vision for Silvery Minnow Recovery

It’s Time to Rethink Management of the Rio Grande

Rivers, Wildlife
#LivingRivers, #RethinkRivers, #ReviveTheRio, #WildlandsForWildlife
Jun 26, 2019
Yellow-billed Cuckoo Needs Continued Legal Protections

Conservation Groups Oppose Potential Endangered Species Act Delisting

Rivers, Wildlife
#LivingRivers, #RethinkRivers, #ReviveTheRio
May 29, 2019
New Citizens’ Group Urges City to Restore Its Commitment to Living Santa Fe River

Coalition Calls on City to Implement Living River Ordinance and Commence Public Process

Feb 6, 2019
Rio Grande Reservoirs Dismal but Snowpack Improved

February Forecast Predicts Streamflow 73% of Average

#LivingRivers, #RethinkRivers, #RioGrande
Dec 19, 2018
Suit Filed to Protect Colorado River and Prevent Dam Expansion in Boulder County

Conservation Coalition Seeks to Halt Denver Water’s Moffat Project

#CORiver, #RethinkRivers
Nov 30, 2018
Conservation Groups Ask Court to Throw a Lifeline to Willamette River Chinook Salmon and Winter Steelhead

Preliminary Injunction seeks immediate changes at four U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dams

Public Lands, Rivers