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Current work in wildlife, rivers, public lands, and climate

Press Releases
Nov 30, 2018
Conservation Groups Ask Court to Throw a Lifeline to Willamette River Chinook Salmon and Winter Steelhead

Preliminary Injunction seeks immediate changes at four U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dams

Public Lands, Rivers
Nov 28, 2018
Guardians Calls on Colorado Governor to Back Off Delay of Denver Smog Cleanup

In Spite of Urgent Need for Clean Air, State Seeking Extension For Cleanup Deadline

Climate + Energy
#AJustTransition, #KeepItInTheGround, #QuitTriState
Nov 26, 2018
Trump Administration Refuses to Ban Wildlife-killing M-44 ‘Cyanide Bombs’

EPA Fails to Protect People, Pets, Wildlife

Nov 13, 2018
Groups Seek to Protect Wildlife and Quiet Use on San Juan National Forest

Rico West Dolores Travel Plan is improvement, but seasonal use will threaten wildlife, upset use balance

Public Lands
#Rewilding, #WildlandsForWildlife
Oct 31, 2018
New Mexico Communities Protest Expanded Fracking in Greater Chaco

Thousands of Comments Hand-Delivered Opposing December Oil and Gas Lease Sale

Climate + Energy
Oct 29, 2018
Feds’ Fur Export Approvals Violate Endangered Species Act

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Failed to Adequately Protect Imperiled Lynx from Trapping

Oct 23, 2018
Lawsuit Filed to Defend Public Health, Safety, and Community From Fracking in Broomfield, Colorado

Residents Demand Accountability to Voter-Approved Safeguards

Climate + Energy
#AJustTransition, #KeepItInTheGround, #QuitTriState
Oct 10, 2018
Guardians Files Appeal Seeking Accountability for the Rio Grande

Wild West Approach to Water Management Cannot Continue

#RethinkRivers, #ReviveTheRio
Oct 5, 2018
Black-capped Petrel Moves Closer to Federal Protection

Rare bird proposed for Endangered Species Act listing

Climate + Energy, Wildlife
#EndangeredSpeciesAct, #KeepItInTheGround
Sep 28, 2018
Judge Upholds Endangered Species Act Protections for Gunnison Sage Grouse

Rare Bird Threatened by Drilling, Sprawl, Livestock Grazing in Utah, Colorado

#EndangeredSpeciesAct, #SafeguardTheSagebrushSea