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Press Releases
Dec 19, 2018
Suit Filed to Protect Colorado River and Prevent Dam Expansion in Boulder County

Conservation Coalition Seeks to Halt Denver Water’s Moffat Project

#ConservingTheColorado, #RethinkRivers
Dec 19, 2018
Advocates target bear baiting in grizzly country in ID, WY

Bear baiting in Idaho and Wyoming violates Endangered Species Act

#DefendCarnivores, #EndangeredSpeciesAct
Dec 11, 2018
WildEarth Guardians Condemns Sale of Public Lands For Fracking

Climate Denial Fueling a Rush in December to Auction 300,000 Acres in American West to Oil and Gas Industry

Climate + Energy
Dec 6, 2018
Interior Secretary Zinke to Slash Sage-grouse Protections in Seven Western States

Proposal Would Allow More Drilling, Fracking in Imperiled Birds’ Habitat

Climate + Energy, Wildlife
#EndangeredSpeciesAct, #KeepItInTheGround, #SafeguardTheSagebrushSea
Dec 5, 2018
“Not Your Sacrifice Zone: We Demand Justice”

Greater Chaco Advocates Rally at BLM to Protest Sale of Over 89,000 Acres for Fracking

Climate + Energy
#GreaterChaco, #KeepItInTheGround
Dec 3, 2018
Conservation community commends U.S. Forest Service for canceling grazing permit of convicted wolf killer

The Gila National Forest served rancher Craig Thiessen notice of a decision to cancel the grazing permit for the Canyon del Buey allotment near Reserve

Public Lands, Wildlife
#EndTheWarOnWildlife, #EndangeredSpeciesAct
Nov 30, 2018
Conservation Groups Ask Court to Throw a Lifeline to Willamette River Chinook Salmon and Winter Steelhead

Preliminary Injunction seeks immediate changes at four U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dams

Public Lands, Rivers
Nov 28, 2018
Guardians Calls on Colorado Governor to Back Off Delay of Denver Smog Cleanup

In Spite of Urgent Need for Clean Air, State Seeking Extension For Cleanup Deadline

Climate + Energy
#AJustTransition, #KeepItInTheGround, #QuitTriState
Nov 26, 2018
Trump Administration Refuses to Ban Wildlife-killing M-44 ‘Cyanide Bombs’

EPA Fails to Protect People, Pets, Wildlife

Nov 13, 2018
Groups Seek to Protect Wildlife and Quiet Use on San Juan National Forest

Rico West Dolores Travel Plan is improvement, but seasonal use will threaten wildlife, upset use balance

Public Lands
#Rewilding, #WildlandsForWildlife