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Press Releases
Apr 25, 2019
Sage-grouse groups recommend stronger protections for Wyoming state plan

Levels of protection offered in plan are incompatible with survival and recovery of sage-grouse

Public Lands, Wildlife
Apr 23, 2019
Appeals court reinstates Idaho wolf-killing case against government

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturns Idaho court’s dismissal of lawsuit challenging Wildlife Services’ wolf-killing

Apr 22, 2019
Court Order Sought to Stop Destruction of Sage-grouse Habitat in Seven States

Groups ask judge to block new plans that allow drilling, mining, other destructive activities

Public Lands, Wildlife
Apr 18, 2019
Greater Chaco Coalition responds to Congressional Visit on Oil and Gas Impacts

House Natural Resources Committee Holds Field Hearing on Protection of Air Quality and Sacred Sites

Climate + Energy
#GreaterChaco, #KeepItInTheGround
Apr 17, 2019
Nefarious Schemes to Privatize Public Lands Are Thriving Under Trump Administration

Federal agencies and Congress continue their efforts to privatize public lands, despite overwhelming public opposition and assurances to the contrary from President Trump and his administration

Public Lands
Apr 16, 2019
Trump Administration Ignores Environmental Impacts of Mining 30 Million Tons of Coal near Bryce Canyon National Park

Lawsuit Seeks Improved Pollution and Climate Analysis of the Alton Coal Mine Expansion in Utah

Climate + Energy
Apr 9, 2019
Groups Applaud Strengthened Bill to Protect Greater Chaco Landscape

Federal Bill Underscores Need to Protect Cultural Resources, Community Health, and Safe Climate

Climate + Energy
#AJustTransition, #GreaterChaco
Apr 8, 2019
Mexican wolf count indicates that true recovery is distant

Illegal killings, insufficient releases, and Trump’s wall pose existential threats to small population

#EndTheWarOnWildlife, #EndangeredSpeciesAct
Apr 4, 2019
Rural Electric Co-op Member Owners and Advocates Demand Tri-State Embrace Clean Energy Future

Welcome Basket Delivered to New CEO With Message: It’s Time for a Rural Renewable Revolution

Climate + Energy
Apr 4, 2019
Groups ask Wyoming and Idaho authorities to require that hunters carry bear spray in grizzly territory

Proposal would save human, grizzly bear lives

#DefendCarnivores, #EndTheWarOnWildlife