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Current work in wildlife, rivers, public lands, and climate

Press Releases
May 28, 2020
Expansion of Hunting on Wildlife Refuges Threatens Imperiled Species

Species in Five Rio Grande Wildlife Refuges Especially Vulnerable To Trump Administration's Directive

Rivers, Wildlife
#ForceForNature, #LivingRio, #LivingRivers, #ProtectWhatYouLove, #RethinkRivers, #RioGrande, #StopExtinction
May 27, 2020
Conservation Groups Demand Stronger Protections for Willamette River Salmon and Steelhead

Fish Species Face Extinction Without Federal Action

Rivers, Wildlife
#EndangeredSpeciesAct, #LivingRivers, #ProtectWhatYouLove, #RethinkRivers, #StopExtinction
May 21, 2020
WildEarth Guardians Joins Coalition Calling on Air Regulators to Quickly Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

With Deadline Looming, Huge Coalition Demands Climate Action Now

Climate + Energy
#COCleanAir, #KeepItInTheGround
May 14, 2020
WildEarth Guardians scores big protections for wildlife in Montana

Agreement with USDA’s Wildlife Services curbs killing of grizzles, wolves, other native wildlife

May 12, 2020
Objections filed over massive national forest logging, road-building project in Wyoming

U.S. Forest Service plans logging 320,000 acres, bulldozing 600 miles of roads

Public Lands
May 12, 2020
New Rio Grande National Forest Management Plan is bad news for wildlife, wildlands and waters

Plan fails to protect the forest’s natural values from threats such as logging and roads

Public Lands
#Rewilding, #WildlandsForWildlife
May 12, 2020
Lawsuit Targets Arch Coal’s Illegal Air Pollution at Colorado Coal Mine

Arch Coal’s Toxic Emissions Contributing to Climate Change, Smog

Climate + Energy
May 11, 2020
Forest Service turns its back on White Salmon River

Immediate action needed to protect wild and scenic values

Public Lands, Rivers
#EcosystemRestoration, #ForceForNature, #LivingRivers, #PressStatement, #ProtectWhatYouLove, #PublicLandsInPublicHands, #RethinkRivers
May 11, 2020
Legal Petition Seeks New Rules to Reduce Washington Wolf-killing

The state of Washington has killed 31 wolves since 2012, relying on a protocol that skews heavily toward lethal and ineffective outcomes

#DefendCarnivores, #EndTheWarOnWildlife, #EndangeredSpeciesAct, #StopExtinction
May 7, 2020
Conservationists challenge taxpayer-funded wildlife-killing program in Idaho

Coalition sues multiple federal agencies for flawed or missing environmental analyses

#DefendCarnivores, #EndTheWarOnWildlife