Rancher beat Mexican wolf “Mia Tuk” to death

December 4, 2018

Guardians and the conservation community applaud the U.S. Forest Service for canceling the grazing permit of rogue rancher Craig Thiessen. Thiessen had pleaded guilty to intentionally trapping and bludgeoning Mia Tuk, a 10-month-old Mexican wolf pup, to death with a shovel in 2015. The Forest Service can cancel grazing permits if the permit holder is convicted of violating state or federal laws or regulations relating to protecting fish and wildlife.

Thirty-three organizations and 20 individuals joined a letter last June asking the Forest Service to take action, and hundreds of wolf supporters expressed outrage to the agency in phone calls and letters.

“I’m happy to hear this news that the U.S. Forest Service took action. I’m still sad that Mia Tuk was killed in such a brutal manner, but it now seems as though his death is bringing about change that could better protect wolves,” said Jaryn Allen, 12, of Albuquerque—the child who chose Mia Tuk’s name. “Many years ago, wolves thrived on this land then people came in and took the land from them. I hope wolves will be able to thrive on this land once again.”

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