Determined campaign over the past two decades secures big win for Canada lynx and recovery of this climate-threatened species

We make a great team.

WildEarth Guardians and our allies have just secured a groundbreaking legal settlement that will aid the recovery of Canada lynx—iconic wild cats endangered by climate change and habitat fragmentation.

As a result of relentless pressure by Guardians, our allies, and supporters like you, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has abandoned plans to remove Endangered Species Act protections for the struggling snow cat in the contiguous U.S. and initiate recovery planning for the species.

Many of you played a critical role in this successful outcome. Since September, over 7,800 of you heeded our call to action and urged the Fish and Wildlife Service to keep Canada lynx protected.

While lynx are known for their large paws, for the past two decades it’s been the federal government that has been dragging their feet when it comes to preparing a recovery plan for these threatened wild cats.

Some of you have been with us during this entire 20-year saga, while some of you are new to Guardians. Regardless, this is another example of how working together—relentlessly—gets results.

We are also extremely grateful for our lawsuit partners—Friends of the Wild Swan, Rocky Mountain Wild, San Juan Citizens Alliance, Cascadia Wildlands, Oregon Wild, and Wilderness Workshop—as well as the superb legal representation by Western Environmental Law Center.

We’re glad to see that the Biden administration is taking steps in the right direction. And we’re hopeful that this decision is a harbinger of things to come from a Fish and Wildlife Service that will consider how to best protect imperiled species—whether lynx, wolverines, or Joshua trees—in the face of climate change.

Together, we are a force for nature. And your generous support will continue propelling our endangered species defense work forward.

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John Horning | Executive Director, WildEarth Guardians

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