We May be Homebound, but That Can’t Stop us From Speaking Out For Climate Action! More Background and Talking Points Below

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more critical than ever to speak out for our health and demand bold climate action in Colorado!

On Thursday April 16, 2020, the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission is holding its monthly meeting and they’re holding it ONLINE!

Click here to register to attend the online meeting and have a chance to speak out >>

This meeting presents a critical opportunity for us to show up online and deliver the message that Colorado needs to be moving more quickly and aggressively to rein in greenhouse gas emission and confront the climate crisis. Ultimately, Colorado needs to declare a CLIMATE EMERGENCY!

Under Colorado House Bill 19-1261, the Air Commission is tasked with adopting rules to ensure we meet key greenhouse gas reduction targets in Colorado, including a 26% reduction in emissions by 2025, a 50% reduction by 2030, and a 90% reduction by 2050.  Under Colorado Senate Bill 19-096, the Air Commission is supposed to propose these rules by July 1, 2020.

Unfortunately, Colorado is not on track to meet these targets. Even with new and proposed regulations to limit emissions, reports indicate we are wildly off the mark.  Not only that, but the Air Commission is not on track to propose ANY new rules by its legal deadline of July 1, 2020.

The bottomline is, the Air Commission needs to focus on securing more ambitious emissions cuts as quickly as possible. For our health and future, now is the time to kick climate action into high gear!

The April 16 Air Commission meeting will present an opportunity for us to deliver the message that Colorado needs to step up and truly confront the climate crisis.  Especially as we collectively work to confront the COVID-19 health crisis and support economic recovery, the time to act is now.

We’re calling on people to deliver the message that the Air Commission needs to continue to declare a climate emergency, that Colorado needs to go 100% renewable as quickly as possible, and that the state must wind down and ultimately phase out fossil fuel production, including fracking.

At the beginning of the Air Commission meeting, there will be an opportunity for public comment. PLEASE if you can, show up online and speak out for our climate and ensure Colorado is a leader in confronting the climate crisis! 

What:            Colorado Air Quality Control Commission Meeting

When:           9 AM, April 16, 2020

Where:          Online via Zoom, register here >>

The meeting starts at 9:00 AM, but we’re asking people to show up by 8:45 AM to ensure a seat. Public comment will start shortly after 9.

If you can show up, we need you to speak out to the Air Commission! Here are some talking points to guide your comments:

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to comment today. My name is _______ (first and last name). I’m here on behalf of ______________ (myself/organization/community, etc.).
  2. I am very concerned that Colorado is not on track to meet greenhouse gas reduction objectives established by House Bill 19-1261. I am especially concerned that the Air Commission is not on track to propose greenhouse gas reduction rules by July 1, 2020, as required by Senate Bill 19-096.
  • Current and proposed initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the state fall incredibly short of achieving the overall reductions needed to meet our objectives.
  • In spite of current and planned fossil fuel-fired power plant retirements, an enormous amount of coal and natural gas will continue to be burned to generate electricity in Colorado for years to come.
  • And in spite of our climate commitments, Colorado is overseeing record increases in fracking and oil and gas production. We can’t frack our way to a safe climate.
  • I am shocked that the Air Commission is not on track to propose new greenhouse gas reduction rules by July 1, 2020, as required by Senate Bill 19-096.
  1. The Air Commission must lean in and do more than nip around the edges of the climate crisis.
  • The Air Commission must urge the Governor to declare a climate emergency. The Colorado Air Quality Control Act gives the Commission the authority to recommend the Governor declare air quality emergencies.
  • Our climate crisis is being fueled by fossil fuel production and consumption. The Air Commission must set a primary goal of confronting fossil fuels in Colorado.
  • We need bold solutions that help Colorado fully transition away from reliance on fossil fuels and set meaningful and concrete limits on climate pollution to ensure to meet our targets.
  • We need to phase out fossil fuel production in Colorado, which means we need a time-out on new fracking permits.
  • We must conduct a top-down assessment of greenhouse gases to ensure that Colorado’s inventory is accurate, considering numerous studies indicate that the state’s current inventory is worryingly underestimated.
  • We need to stop permitting new sources of greenhouse gas emissions across the state. It is incomprehensible that the state would continue permitting new sources of climate pollution given the objectives of Colorado House Bill 19-1261.

If you can’t show up, send your comments and thoughts to the Air Quality Control Commission at cdphe.aqcc-comments@state.co.us.

Thanks to all who can make it and thanks to everyone for helping keep Colorado on track to confronting the climate crisis!

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Jeremy Nichols | Climate and Energy Program Director, WildEarth Guardians

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