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Erica Prather, Greater Gila Arizona Advocate, WildEarth Guardians

Erica Prather is a Kansas native, who studied Literature and Dance at the University of Kansas. Later, a love of the Colorado backcountry and studying biology at MSU Denver landed her at her first NGO – Rocky Mountain Wild in Denver. She has found joy in an unconventional path to conservation – working as a naturalist at urban places, such as Bluff Lake Nature Center in Aurora, CO, and again in the forests and oceans of Juneau, Alaska. She has worked on an international trail team with the Environment Agency of Iceland, on a pilot study about soil microbiology on a sustainable green roof, milked cows at a dairy farm in Australia, and taught science in South Korea. She moved to Tucson, Arizona in 2019 to organize on issues such as the border wall, Migratory Bird Protection Act, and the Endangered Species Act.