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Photo credit: Ray Rafiti

Coyote (Canis latrans) | ESA status: none


The “song dogs” of the West, coyotes face persecution from government agents and barbaric killing contests. Despite the assault, coyotes are resilient: when indiscriminately killed, oftentimes more of the surviving coyotes breed and produce larger litters.

Essential to the ecosystem

Important ecosystem actors, coyotes check the populations of smaller carnivores such as skunks and foxes. As a result, coyotes indirectly benefit populations of small mammals, birds, and other animals.

What WildEarth Guardians is doing to protect the coyote

We promote commonsense, non-lethal approaches to coyote management. We are making progress in our work to end lethal poisoning, trapping, and aerial gunning campaigns against these essential carnivores, and we are a leading voice advocating for the end of horrific killing contests on our public lands. We’re challenging state-authorized and privately-held coyote killing contests in Idaho and New Mexico through litigation and legislative advocacy. We intend to establish legal and policy precedents for coyote conservation that we can apply in other states across the West.