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WildEarth Guardians Stands in Solidarity to Condemn Racism

May 15, 2020
John Horning, WildEarth Guardians, (505) 795-5083, jhorning@wildearthguardians.org, Sarah McMillan, WildEarth Guardians, (406) 549-3895, SMcMillan@wildearthguardians.org
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In recent weeks, a gut-wrenching spate of killings of men and women of color by white policemen and civilians has occurred. The most recent incident, on Monday, was the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. The officer kneeled on the neck of Mr. Floyd, who was cuffed and facedown on the pavement, until Mr. Floyd was dead. That killing was recently preceded by equally intolerable killings of Dreasjon “Sean” Reed in Indianapolis and Breonna Taylor in Louisville. And these were preceded by the murder of Ahmaud Arbery by two white vigilantes in Georgia.

WildEarth Guardians’ Executive Director John Horning and Conservation Director Sarah McMillan issue the following statement in response:

 “As compassionate individuals concerned about justice for all, we are compelled to speak out in solidarity with all people of color in America. These senseless killings, that arise out of racism, fray our souls and tear at the very fabric of our country. The hatred, the fear, and the violence—all of it fused with racism—must cease. We need more love and compassion and must recognize all individuals as equals and celebrate the diversity that makes us all stronger.

We are enraged by the recent events in Minneapolis, Louisville, Indianapolis, and Georgia. This violence is only the most recent evidence of a long and ugly history of racism in this country, a history that has ruined the lives of generations of people. We are at a pivotal moment that demands more of us all to work towards meaningful transformation. Silence in this moment condones racism and condemns people of color to lives of inequity, injustice, and risk of violence and death. This is a threat to our democracy. These recent killings are another dark stain on our nation’s history of racism.

Our work to treat all living things with care, dignity, and compassion is at risk when the forces of racism are allowed to continue to perpetrate injustice and violence on people and communities of color. We cannot and will not stand silently by. We speak our outrage, and ask our members and activists to join us in condemning racist and hateful words and actions. We ask you to speak out in solidarity with communities of color and to tell your elected officials that racism has no place in this country.

WildEarth Guardians celebrates the diversity that is the hallmark of our nation. Just as diversity is a strength in ecosystems, so too is it a strength of our national identity. We stand in solidarity to confront racism and the violence and injustices that it feeds. Healing the wounds of racism cannot happen until we unite in condemning racism, and until the killers are held accountable.”

George Floyd Killing Protest WildEarth Guardians credit Fibonacci Blue

George Floyd Killing Protest. Photo by Fibonacci Blue.