Responding to the crises of our time demands the very best from each of us

December 4, 2020

We face profound and unprecedented challenges—from the global health pandemic to the climate and nature crises—which demand bold, just, and compassionate solutions to heal our wounded planet. A new president, a new administration, and a new Congress provide an opportunity for a new vision and new direction.

In this moment, WildEarth Guardians unveils our new strategic plan to address the daunting challenges we face. While we obviously are intent on undoing the damage of the last four years, our vision and this plan transcend the debacle of the Trump administration. Yes, we must restore the environmental safety net but we must also build new, more durable systems to solve the climate and nature crises.

Today, I share with you our updated strategic vision for the future. We are building on all that we have done before by adding a greater focus on building people power, partnering and engaging with more diverse communities, and implementing campaigns that can drive lasting systemic change. Our work will be driven by these priority initiatives:

  • Nurturing an ethic of coexistence.
  • Preventing the extinction crisis.
  • Protecting the icons of the West.
  • Reforming state wildlife agencies.
  • Ending the era of fossil fuel exploitation of public lands.
  • Democratizing, decentralizing, and decarbonizing power systems.
  • Ensuring living rivers.
  • Connecting and protecting wild national forests.
  • Creating America’s next great protected area—the Greater Gila.
  • Retiring grazing permits and diversifying rural economies.

I hope you are inspired by the vision, energized by the possibility, and awed by the beauty that defines the American West. Responding to the crises of our time demands the very best from each of us.

Learn more about our vision and prepare to join us to build the future we want, while we continue to fight those who are stuck in the past. We are going to need you if we are to succeed. You’ve been with us before, and I hope you will be there with us tomorrow.

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John Horning | Executive Director, WildEarth Guardians

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