69,270 acres up for sale

A coalition of conservation groups including Guardians called on the Bureau of Land Management to hold public hearings on a proposed oil and gas lease sale in Montana this December. The sale includes 69,270 acres of publicly owned lands across Montana located in many sensitive areas that have thus far experienced little to no oil and gas development.

Since taking office, the Trump administration and Secretary Zinke have been cutting the public out of the oil and gas leasing process. Hearings would provide more time for concerned members of the public in Montana to meaningfully engage in leasing decisions.

“BLM employees presented at a public meeting here in Livingston, Montana, last winter about a proposed lease sale in our backyard,” said Michelle Uberuaga, Executive Director for Park County Environmental Council. “People showed up and shared their concerns; the BLM heard our concerns and deferred leases in sensitive areas. That’s how it should work. We hope that we can see similar efforts to engage local communities in leasing decisions around the state.”

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