Uncompahgre Resource Management Plan threatens agriculture, species, undermines climate law

On July 29, Guardians and allies filed a formal protest with the Bureau of Land Management against a Trump administration plan to expand fossil fuel development in southwestern Colorado, threatening organic agriculture, endangered species, and the state’s new climate law. The groups argue that the BLM’s environmental analysis violated federal law by failing to consider the impacts of this oil and gas development.

The Uncompahgre Resource Management Plan’s oil and gas production forecast would increase climate pollution by more than 2,300 percent by 2029. Colorado’s new law calls for cutting greenhouse gas pollution by 50 percent by 2030 and 90 percent by 2050. BLM refused to adopt a plan that would significantly curb fossil fuel development and refused to analyze an alternative option that would prohibit new leases.

“This new plan is a big frack you to Colorado’s climate goals,” said Guardians’ Rebecca Fischer. “I’m certain that we’ll be turning to the courts to once again hold the line on the climate crisis.”

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