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Photo credit: Michal Petro

Northern goshawk (Accipiter gentilis) | ESA status: none

Northern goshawk

The goshawk is the bellwether of ancient ponderosa pine and mixed conifer forests of the Interior and Rocky Mountain West.

Northern goshawk habitat

Northern goshawks generally prefer old-growth conifers for nesting, but can also use mixed hardwood-conifer, birch, or aspen forest. This wide-ranging species inhabits the majority of the northern and western United States as well as Canada.

What are the threats to the northern goshawk?

The data available on the northern goshawk points to loss of habitat resulting from timber harvest as the greatest threat to this species.

What WildEarth Guardians is doing to protect the northern goshawk

Inspired by the goshawk’s grace, elegance, and beauty, for almost 30 years WildEarth Guardians has fought logging projects from Oregon to New Mexico that would turn the bird’s forest habitat into two-by-fours.