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Merril Buckhorn

Raise your voice for Colorado wolves:

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Talking points for supporters:

  • Colorado has an opportunity to get wolf restoration right. While our neighbors in the Northern Rockies have failed and are now engaged in a full-on war on wolves, Coloradans have the spirit and leadership to #COexist with native carnivores.
  • Both Colorado Parks and Wildlife and U.S. Fish and Wildlife have a responsibility to do right by wolves, do right by Coloradans, and get paws on the ground by 2023.
  • Colorado’s wolf plan needs to restore a self-sustaining population of wolves to Colorado. The best available science indicates that a minimum of 750 wolves (or 150 packs) is required. Small, token wolf populations are inadequate and do not fulfill the letter and spirit of Proposition 114.
  • Wolves should be reintroduced throughout suitable habitat in western Colorado in order to bring about the desired ecological benefit to Western Slope ecosystems. There is ample habitat and prey base for at least a dozen reintroduction zones west of the Continental Divide.
  • Conflict avoidance needs to be proactive. Wolves are native to Colorado and are highly-adapted carnivores. They are naturally inclined to feed on deer, elk, and other native wildlife. But when non-native, unprotected livestock are on the landscape, they represent easy feeding opportunities for wolves. State officials and livestock owners need to do their part by taking robust, proactive conflict-avoidance measures.
  • Recreational wolf hunting should never happen. Wolves are intelligent, social animals. Pack structures, prey, and territorialism combine to regulate wild wolf populations. Science indicates that there is no need to “cull” or keep a population “in check.” Hunting wolves is trophy hunting and only done for sport. Proposition 114 explicitly calls for wolves to be a “non-game species.”

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