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Lisa Markovchick, Ph.D.

Southwest Conservation Advocate and Ecologist

Lisa Mira Markovchick is WildEarth Guardian’s SW Conservation Advocate & Ecologist. Lisa is spearheading a program to translate the best available science into management that supports ecological integrity in the forests of the Southwest. In particular, Lisa focuses on how symbiotic and facilitative relationships, such as mycorrhizal fungi (symbiotic with plant roots), interact with land management concerns such as protecting endangered species and living with wildfire, and supports Wild Earth Guardians and land managers in incorporating this science into their programs and toolboxes. She earned her PhD in Biology from Northern Arizona University in 2022, researching the use of native mycorrhizal fungi to improve riparian habitat restoration crucial for endangered species such as the southwestern willow flycatcher. Prior to her PhD, Lisa served as a DoD civilian for a decade, managing natural resources for the US Navy and serving as a local union president. Before this, Lisa received her MS from San Diego State University in plant and fire ecology, and initially began her career working with volunteers to restore and manage Superfund sites along the Duwamish River in Seattle, WA. Lisa has created, developed and led large restoration, management, and citizen science projects for over 20 years, and holds a BA in psychology and education.