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Press Releases
Jun 12, 2003
Appellate Court Affirms Bureau of Reclamation’s Responsibility To Conserve Rio Grande Ecosystem

Conservation groups celebrate Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that the U.S. government must consider all available sources of water to conserve the dying Rio Grande ecosystem and protect endangered fish and wildlife

Rivers, Wildlife
#EndangeredSpeciesAct, #ReviveTheRio
Jun 3, 2003
Gila Ranchers Trespass Cattle on Wilderness, Harming Endangered Fish and Wildlife

The Southwest's most notorious ranchers have illegally released nearly 200 cattle into the Gila and Aldo Leopold Wilderness areas and Apache NF within the past few weeks and are currently defying Forest Service requests to remove the illegal cattle

Public Lands
#GreaterGila, #WildlandsForWildlife
May 20, 2003
WildEarth Guardians Awarded State Land Grazing Lease; Group Vows to ‘Unranch’ Lands, Restore Degraded Babocamari River

After nearly six years of legal and administrative battles, WildEarth Guardians has been awarded a lease to a 162-acre parcel of state school trust land in southeastern Arizona

Public Lands
May 6, 2003
Drilling Proposal Near Bitter Lakes Refuge Protested

New oil and gas wells near Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge could harm sensitive wildlife

Climate + Energy, Wildlife
#EndangeredSpeciesAct, #KeepItInTheGround
May 1, 2003
Oil and Gas Development Threatens Bitter Lakes-WildEarth Guardians Appeal to Save Endangered Species and Unique Aquatic Habitat

We have an ecological oasis to protect here. The refuge maintains the last remaining habitat for several incredibly rare species.

Climate + Energy, Wildlife
#EndangeredSpeciesAct, #KeepItInTheGround
Apr 30, 2003
WildEarth Guardians Files Appeal to Challenge the Bitter Lakes Habitat Protection Zone Environmental Assessment

The BLM sanctioned oil and gas lease development is based in generalized science, without proven and testable means to preserve hydrological resources in the Pecos Basin

Climate + Energy, Wildlife
#EndangeredSpeciesAct, #KeepItInTheGround
Apr 25, 2003
WildEarth Guardians Comments on BLM Decision Plan to Develop Vehicle Trail in Environmentally Sensitive Area

The Warner Ridge/Fort Pearce ACEC was designated to offset the damage from off highway vehicle use in the area. This BLM plan that establishes a more permanent trail through the ACEC will only encourage more vehicular traffic in an ecologically sensitive

Public Lands
Apr 18, 2003
Judge Rules Forest Service Violated Endangered Species Protections by Authorizing Grazing in Lincoln National Forest

For the third time in the last five months, a federal judge ruled that the U.S. Forest Service is violating federal environmental laws when permitting livestock grazing on the Southwestern national forests

Public Lands, Wildlife
Apr 18, 2003
Court Order and Opinion – Lincoln NF Sacramento Grazing Allotment – April 14, 2003

Judge Parker's ruling that the Lincoln NF has failed to fully consider the effects of grazing on the Mexican spotted owl on the Sacramento allotment

Public Lands
Apr 14, 2003
Arizona State Land Department Says Environmental Group Can ‘Unranch’ Grazing Lease; Requests Sealed Bids For Lease

The groups hailed the decision saying it signals the end of an archaic and illegal policy that provided the livestock industry with exclusive control of Arizona state lands

Public Lands