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Press Releases
Jul 13, 2005
BLM’s Green Rhetoric Meaningless in Otero Mesa Leasing – Agency Disregards New Mexicans’ Call to Halt Oil and Gas Development

The New Mexico Bureau of Land Management’s drilling plan for Otero Mesa inadequately addresses potential environmental impacts and pending litigation, ignores public input, and directly contradicts BLM’s commitment to best practices
Contact: New Mexico Wilderness Alliance

Climate + Energy
Jul 12, 2005
WildEarth Guardians provided comments to address concerns regarding the implementation of the New Mexico Statewide Strategic Pla

The Strategic Plan should consider the restoration of native riparian species as just as much of a priority as the eradication of the non-native species. Simply treating the non-native species will lead to an ecologically dead zone.
Contact: WildEarth Guardians

Jun 30, 2005
Multiple Use Conflict Resolution Act of 2005 – HR3166

This bill provides compensation to livestock operators who voluntarily relinquish a grazing permit or lease on Federal lands where conflicts with other multiple uses render livestock grazing impractical, and for other purposes.
Contact: US Government

Public Lands
Jun 29, 2005
Born of Fire – A WildEarth Guardians Report

A comprehensive WildEarth Guardians’ review of fuel treatment programs and fire management plans in the Southwestern Region of the U.S.
Contact: WildEarth Guardians

Public Lands
Jun 29, 2005
Group Calls for More Fire Use in the Southwest – WildEarth Guardians’ review of US Forest Service fire use in the southwest find

Where wildland fire use has been authorized and there is no threat to life or property, the Forest Service must allow fire to do its job. We can’t ignore the most environmentally beneficial and cost-efficient way of restoring the health of our forests.
Contact: WildEarth Guardians

Public Lands
Jun 28, 2005
Environmental Groups Oppose Grazing Decision on the Santa Fe National Forest (San Diego Range Project)

WildEarth Guardians and the Center for Biological Diversity today appealed a decision on the Santa Fe National Forest which would permit continued livestock grazing in fragile wetland areas and in areas with outstanding archeological resources
Contact: Center for Biological Diversity WildEarth Guardians

Jun 26, 2005
Editorial – Faked grazing report should outrage Republicans

No one should be surprised at this administration’s mendacious tactics for erasing rules against the overgrazing of the American West
Contact: Santa Fe New Mexican

Public Lands
Jun 18, 2005
The Bush administration altered critical portions of a scientific analysis of the environmental impact of cattle grazing on publ

The original draft of the environmental analysis warned that the new rules would have a “significant adverse impact” on wildlife, but that phrase was removed. The bureau now concludes that the grazing regulations are “beneficial to animals.”
Contact: Julie Cart LA Times

Public Lands
Jun 17, 2005
New BLM Grazing Rules Released

They’ve basically stacked the deck in favor of ranchers – new rules limit public comment on grazing permit decisions and delay action for up to eight years when range managers suspect grazing is harming the land
Contact: Leslie Linthicum Albuquerque Journal

Public Lands
Jun 17, 2005
Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for New Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Regulations

On June 17, 2005, the Bush administration released their version of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for new Bureau of Land Management (BLM) regulations. There are some amazing omissions
Contact: WildEarth Guardians

Public Lands