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New Mexico Senate Passes Bill to Ban Coyote Killing Contests

February 13, 2015
Bob Brister (801) 466-4056
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Friday, February 13, 2015
New Mexico Senate Passes Bill to Ban Coyote Killing Contests

Bill Moves to House Next
Contact: Bob Brister (801) 466-4056

Additional Contacts:

Guy Dicharry (505) 269-3757, Wildlife Conservation Advocacy Southwest

Judy Paulsen (505) 899-3245, Project Coyote

Kevin Bixby (575) 649-7260, Southwest Environmental Center

Wildlife advocates are celebrating the passage today by the New MexicoSenate of a bill to ban coyote killing contests. The measure, sponsored bySenator Mark Moores (R-Albuquerque) and Representative Jeff Steinborn (D-LasCruces) was approved on a bipartisan 27-13 vote.

“I am tremendously proud of my colleagues for passing this bill,” saidSenator Moores. “SB 253 is carefully focused on ending coyote killing contestswithout restricting the ability of farmers and ranchers to protect theirlivestock.”

“New Mexico has laws against cockfighting, dog fighting and othercruel practices,” said Representative Steinborn. “I hope my colleagues in theHouse will support this effort to add coyote killing contests to that list.”

“With the Senate vote today, New Mexico has taken a giant step towardsbecoming the first state to pass a law banning these barbaric events,” saidKevin Bixby, executive director of the Southwest Environmental Center. “We urgethe House and Governor Martinez to pass and sign SB253 and finish the job.”

“We applaud the Senate’s action today,” said Phil Carter, wildlifecampaign manager at Animal Protection Voters. “It is recognition that wildlifekilling contests serve no legitimate management purpose and are a violation ofthe North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, which holds that wildlifeshould not be killed frivolously.”

“The dead coyotes piled up and thrown away by killing contestparticipants don’t contribute to any wildlife management purpose,” said MaryKatherine Ray, wildlife chair for the Rio Grande Chapter Sierra Club.“To the contrary, coyotes provide a valuable service in limiting thepopulations of rodents and rabbits which unchecked can be very destructive.”

“Wildlife killing contests are out of synch with the attitudes of mostNew Mexicans, and undermine the economic contribution of non-consumptive usersof wildlife who account for $328 million in annual expenditures,” said Judy Paulsen, NM Representative of ProjectCoyote.

“Our group applauds the passage of SB 253 by the Senate,” said GuyDicharry of Wildlife Conservation Advocacy Southwest. “The co-founders of ourgroup hunt and fish. The practice of killing native wildlife solely for prizes,money, and commercial gain has served only to perpetuate inaccurate andnegative stereotypes of the entire hunting community. Hunters and anglers havealways been a big part of modern wildlife conservation, beginning with TheodoreRoosevelt and Aldo Leopold. This legislation helps to maintain thattradition.”

Other Contact
Guy Dicharry (505) 269-3757, Wildlife Conservation Advocacy Southwest
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