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John Horning, Executive Director Of WildEarth Guardians, Receives Conservation Leadership Award

April 6, 2004
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Santa Fe, NM – WildEarth Guardians Executive Director John Horning recently received the Conservation Leadership Award from the Wilburforce Foundation in special recognition of his notable accomplishments and sustained dedication in the field of public lands and biodiversity conservation in the Southwest.

During the past ten years John has performed this work with Santa Fe-based WildEarth Guardians in a variety of capacities including grazing program director, watershed protection director, conservation director, and for the past two years as executive director.

Horning was honored during a reception at the Environmental Law Conference in Eugene, Oregon. The Wilburforce Foundation is based in Seattle, Washington.

“John has strong principles, and he takes action consistent with his principles,” says Letty Belin, a lawyer who has represented WildEarth Guardians through the years. “He is incredibly good at gathering and analyzing information and finding solutions.”

Jess Alford, long-time cooperator and board member, agrees. In addition to solving problems, he says, “John understands the challenges involved in creating social change and doesn’t hesitate to speak for wild lands and wild creatures. He is an energetic, charismatic leader and is approachable to his supporters and opponents alike. ”

Inspired by the unique diversity of the landscapes and cultures of the Southwest, Horning believes we have a moral and ethical obligation to steward wildlands and wildlife for future generations. His work has been guided by the value of protecting public lands, of reforming policies that affect them, and of nourishing broad public support for their improved management.

“I am so pleased to see John Horning of WildEarth Guardians getting the recognition he deserves as a great conservation leader and visionary,” says Dave Foreman, Chairman of The Rewilding Institute.