House, Senate pass bill prohibiting killing contests across the state

March 13, 2019

Late Tuesday, March 12, the New Mexico House of Representatives joined the New Mexico Senate in passing a bill to prohibit coyote killing contests across the state. The bill now goes to the governor’s desk, where she can sign it into law.

Killing contests occur throughout the West and reward participants for slaughtering animals. Approximately 30 such contests take place annually in New Mexico, though the best available science indicates that indiscriminate coyote killing can actually result in more coyotes and more depredation. New Mexico would be the second state to pass a legislative ban on coyote killing contests (Vermont banned the practice in 2018.)

“Killing contests are not wildlife management and they are not hunting. They are massacres and they need to stop,” said Guardians’ Chris Smith. “Thankfully, New Mexico is poised to end the violence.”

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