Protections in state’s sage grouse plan will result in extinct birds

Guardians and allies have recommended that the Wyoming state government strengthen the protections for sage grouse in its sage grouse plan. The groups submitted a letter outlining specific areas where protections are needed, but are inadequate or absent.

For instance, Wyoming’s existing buffers allow for oil and gas drilling as close as .6 mile from sage grouse nesting habitat, while science recommends 3.1- to 5-mile buffers. The current sage grouse plan also minimizes the threat of grazing to the birds, even though sage grouse need tall grass to hide in and barbed-wire fences are a deadly collision hazard.

“Sage grouse deserve better,” said Guardians’ Taylor Jones. “This plan caters to extractive industries and will do almost nothing to prevent the extinction of this amazing species.”

Read the press release.

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