Stories and photos tell grisly tale, highlight need for reform

May 21, 2018

Though the vast majority of New Mexicans do not trap wildlife and oppose trapping on public lands, the state still refuses to ban cruel, indiscriminate traps and snares. The consequences of New Mexico’s inaction are truly horrifying: animals ranging from dogs to critically endangered Mexican wolves are found in traps each season.

Statewide coalition TrapFree New Mexico (of which WildEarth Guardians is a member) is bringing to light the ghastly outcomes of New Mexico’s continued trapping, refuting baseless pro-trapping rhetoric with hard evidence and real stories. Today, the coalition has released stories and images of trapping and its victims. Not for the faint of heart, they nevertheless offer insight into the grotesque scope of the problem.

For detailed stories about trapping and its victims, read the press release.

View the photo album here.

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