Send a Letter to the Editor to your local newspaper and raise your voice against senseless wildlife killing contests

Wildlife killing contests are cruel blood sport. They are massacre events with prizes given to whoever kills the most animals, the largest animal, and even the youngest animal. They run counter to any notion of ethical hunting. And there is no evidence that they serve any wildlife “management” purpose. On the contrary, they may exacerbate wildlife-livestock conflicts. You can help stop the carnage.

Many citizens are unaware that killing contests happen in the Silver State. To help get these contests banned in Nevada, we’ve made it easy for you to send a Letter to the Editor (LTE) to your local paper. Below, we have compiled talking points for you to use, as well as a list of local newspapers and guidance on how to submit LTEs.

Together, we can protect native wildlife and stop these horrific events.

As you know, there are a lot of arguments against wildlife killing contests. Feel free to use our talking points to craft your own letter. OR send an email to Chris Smith for a pre-written letter.

Wildlife Killing Contests…

…are cruel. These contests celebrate massacring native wildlife. They target young, weak, and helpless animals. They encourage children and adults to treat the natural world with disdain and disrespect.

…do not reduce wildlife-human or wildlife-livestock conflict. Killing predators can actually result in a ballooning population as they have larger litters of pups. Young animals without parents to teach hunting behaviors are more likely to resort to easy prey sources like livestock, trash, or even pets.

…are not hunting. Participants use unsporting tactics and technology to easily kill their targets, including spotlights, snares, bait, and electronic calling devices which mimic the distress call of a pack member and draw in wildlife.

…are wasteful. Animals are nearly always discarded after events. Often they are left to rot on public lands.

To submit a Letter to the Editor, choose an outlet to send your letter to. Below are online and print newspapers across Nevada that publish letters. Choose your local paper and/or submit to a statewide one. Note that some papers have strict word limits:

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Las Vegas Sun – 250 Words

Reno-Gazette Journal– 300 Words

Reno News and Review 

Nevada Appeal– 250 Words 

The Nevada Independent

The Ely Times

Pahrump Valley Times

Record-Courier500 Words

The Humboldt Sun- 300 words

Sierra Nevada Ally

Thank you for speaking up for Nevada wildlife! Together we can end wildlife killing contests.

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Chris Smith | Southern Rockies Wildlife Advocate, WildEarth Guardians

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