Bear spray saves lives—humans’ AND grizzlies’!

April 4, 2019

Following a recent spike in grizzly deaths, Guardians and allies have submitted petitions to the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission and Idaho Fish and Game Commission asking each state to adopt rules requiring hunters in grizzly bear range to carry bear spray.

Data show increasing numbers of human-bear conflicts during the fall hunting season, when bears are taking in more calories in preparation to den and hunter-killed elk are especially attractive—particularly to mother bears, who often have their cubs in tow. With Greater Yellowstone’s grizzlies facing record levels of human-caused mortality, non-lethal methods of preventing injury to bears (and humans) are more important than ever.

Researchers and wildlife managers overwhelmingly agree that bear spray is the most effective means of deterring bear attacks and staving off human injuries. Yet carrying bear spray remains voluntary in Wyoming and Idaho…hopefully, not for long.

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