Guardians files lawsuit to get Colorado back on track for climate action and greenhouse gas reduction

WildEarth Guardians today filed a lawsuit to get Colorado back on track for climate action.

The legal action comes as Governor Jared Polis and his administration missed a July 1, 2020 deadline to ensure the state meets legally required greenhouse gas reduction targets, including a 26% reduction in emissions by 2025, a 50% reduction by 2030, and a 90% reduction by 2050.

In missing the July 1, 2020 deadline, Governor Polis isn’t just jeopardizing the state’s commitment to confronting the climate crisis, he’s also putting the state’s goal of climate justice at risk.

As we wrote earlier this week together with our friends with GreenLatinos, a lack of meaningful climate action puts disproportionately impacted people and communities, including those living in the shadow of the Suncor oil refinery north of Denver, at great risk.

Take Action! We need your help to really secure climate justice in Colorado. Tell Governor Jared Polis it’s time for real climate action.

Read the press release.

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Jeremy Nichols | Former Climate and Energy Program Director, WildEarth Guardians

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