Climate Strike Actions Continue! Join us in Broomfield, Colorado on September 29

It’s been an amazing week of youth-led global climate strike actions!

Here in the American West, the scenes have been the same: people are overwhelmingly turning out to demand CLIMATE ACTION NOW!

In New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, and across the country, incredible youth-led climate strike actions have unfolded over the past week.

In Denver, the scene was full of energy and inspiration as thousands took to downtown streets to demand Colorado Governor Jared Polis support the Green New Deal and a full transition from fossil fuels.

The climate strikes are far from over and in Colorado, this past week of action is culminating with a huge event tomorrow in the community Broomfield, where we expect to join many others in calling for an end to fracking.

Broomfield has been under siege by the oil and gas industry, with rigs and fracking operations encroaching into peoples’ backyards and open spaces. Together with local residents, we’ve teamed up to try to block the industry and defend the community. Unfortunately, Colorado’s oil and gas industry is relentlessly pushing to frack communities.

Tomorrow, we’ll be standing up with countless others to demand that we Stop Fracking Our Future!

Join us if you can, RSVP here or click below >>

Jeremy Nichols

About the Author

Jeremy Nichols | Climate and Energy Program Director, WildEarth Guardians

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