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Photo by Sam Parks

All About Wolves with Guardians’ John Horning and Sarah McMillan

WildEarth Guardians’ wolf advocacy is as diverse as the ecosystems upon which wolves depend.

April 15, 2020

WildEarth Guardians is working tirelessly to protect wolves—from the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies to the American Southwest. Though wolves are eminently popular they are nevertheless under seemingly relentless attacks by the Trump administration, the livestock industry, and members of Congress hostile to wolves. WildEarth Guardians’ wolf advocacy entails a varied and diverse approach necessary to ensure that wolves have the freedom to roam.

From working with ranchers to retire their public land grazing permits to supporting direct democracy to catalyze wolf recovery in Colorado to engaging in frontline litigation, our wolf advocacy is as diverse as the ecosystems upon which wolves depend. Guardians’ broader vision is to defend the intrinsic right of all native carnivores to exist while cultivating an ethic of coexistence with these incredible creatures.

In early April, our Executive Director John Horning and Conservation Director Sarah McMillan sat down virtually to have an engaging and informative discussion all about wolves. We hope you enjoy it and join us in answering the call of the wild to defend wolves across the American West. 


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