EPA fails to act on Colorado’s clean air

March 27, 2019

Guardians filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency in an attempt to protect Coloradans from hazardous ground-level ozone, a key ingredient in smog.

High ozone levels have been harming the health of Coloradans for years. The oil and gas industry is one of the largest sources of smog-forming pollution, and ramped up fracking has pushed ozone to unhealthy highs. EPA designated the Denver area as in “nonattainment” (not meeting) with its 2008 ozone standards seven years ago, but clean air violations have continued to pile up. EPA was required to determine that the Denver Metro Area is failing to meet air quality standards months ago, but has illegally delayed that determination, thereby delaying taking any action for Coloradans’ clean air.

“The sooner [EPA] takes action, the sooner Coloradans will be able to breathe clean air,” said Guardians Staff Attorney Daniel Timmons.

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