Suit targets seven oil and gas companies, 15 fracking facilities

Guardians put seven oil and gas companies on notice that it intends to file suit over extensive clean air violations at 15 fracking facilities along Colorado’s Front Range. The companies could potentially be on the hook for more than $1.3 billion in penalties.

At issue is the fact that the oil and gas industry has been drilling and fracking oil and gas wells without obtaining legally required air pollution permits. This shady practice means that companies can avoid complying with limits on smog-forming pollution and other substances—and avoid scrutiny by regulators and citizens.

“We will not allow these companies to go unpunished,” said Guardians’ Jeremy Nichols. “They knowingly put their bottom line ahead of our clean air, making millions off oil and gas production that was never legally authorized. The last thing we want to do is reward this reprehensible behavior.”

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