Arch Coal destroying clean air and climate

Guardians and allies filed a notice of intent to sue Arch Coal today over its failure to reduce dangerous pollution at its West Elk mine.

The mine, located in Gunnison County east of Paonia, Colorado, vents massive amounts of the potent greenhouse gas methane from dozens of wells drilled above the mine (as methane is vented, it releases a toxic mix of gases that react to form a key ingredient of smog.) It contributes more to climate change from methane emissions than any other single industrial source in Colorado.

The law requires polluters to obtain a permit and comply with requirements before releasing dangerous compounds. Arch Coal has never applied for or obtained a permit and has failed to take measures to control its pollution. Now that we have filed a formal notice, a 60-day clock starts, after which we plan to file suit in U.S. District Court.

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