Companies putting wells into production before obtaining permits

Guardians has filed suit against seven oil and gas companies in order to halt clean air violations at 15 fracking facilities along Colorado’s Front Range. The companies are developing wells and putting them into production before obtaining the necessary pollution permits.

The Front Range, including the Denver metropolitan area, is struggling with ground-level ozone pollution—a key ingredient of smog—and has been declared in violation of federal smog limits. Ramped-up fracking in the area is the cause of these higher ozone levels. By evading the permitting process, the seven companies Guardians targets in this suit are worsening the problem.

Drilling before obtaining permits has become industry practice, putting communities, homes, farms, schools, and businesses at risk. Dozens of oil and gas well facilities throughout the Front Range are currently operating without legally required permits; hopefully, this lawsuit will put an end to these unscrupulous dealings.

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