Advocates to call on Air Quality Control Commission to prioritize clean air, public health

Guardians and allies intend to call on the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission today to transition from oil and gas extraction, restore clean air, and protect public health in the state.

The Commission meets today to discuss three big agenda items: how the state intends to meet greenhouse gas reduction goals (26% reduction in emissions by 2025, 50% reduction by 2030, 90% reduction by 2050), efforts to develop new greenhouse gas inventory rules, and the results of a study that found significant health risks from oil and gas extraction operations in Colorado.

Oil and gas pollution in Colorado is estimated to be responsible for nearly 200 million metric tons of climate pollution annually—the amount of carbon released by 51 coal-fired power plants! Given this, Guardians and allies will emphasize there’s no time to lose in slashing climate pollution within the state and enacting solutions to stop oil and gas production.

Read the press release.

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