…but 50,000 acres still on the auction block

Today, Guardians applauded the Bureau of Land Management’s decision to spare 24,000 more acres of public lands from fracking, including parcels near Carlsbad Caverns National Park. In its environmental analysis, the BLM pointed to these places’ fragile geology, drinking water supplies, and proximity to iconic places as reasons for deferring selling them to frackers.

Yet the good news is fleeting: 50,000 acres of public lands are still up for sale in September, and the Bureau of Land Management continues to ignore additional environmental impacts that would stem from this sale—including how hundreds more fracking wells would likely decimate air quality.

We continue to hold the BLM accountable, submitting extensive comments criticizing its reliance on an old resource management plan and its disregard of potential air quality violations caused by fracking.

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