The Coal Industry is Collapsing, But That Doesn’t Mean They Get a Free Pass to Pollute

November 6, 2018

While the coal industry is collapsing, it’s not dampening WildEarth Guardians’ efforts to ensure mining companies are held accountable to protecting our air, water, climate, and more.

Case in point is Westmoreland Coal Company, which last week declared bankruptcy.

Right before they went under, we joined the Western Environmental Law CenterMontana Environmental Information Center, and the Sierra Club in formally notifying Westmoreland of an impending lawsuit over extensive clean water and other environmental violations at the company’s Rosebud mine.

Located in southeast Montana, the Rosebud mine is the sole fuel source for the Colstrip power plant, the second largest coal-fired power plant in the American West and a major source of toxic air and water pollution.

Our latest notice letters target Westmoreland’s failure to comply with state and federal clean water laws, as well as the federal government’s illegal approval of an expansion of the Rosebud mine.

Legally, we have to wait 60 days before we can file suit in federal court. Our notice letters start that clock.

Coal companies like Westmoreland may be going under, but that doesn’t mean they get a free pass to pollute and violate federal environmental laws. Stay tuned for more updates as we keep the pressure on the company to clean up its act and clean up the Rosebud mine.

About the Author

Jeremy Nichols | Climate and Energy Program Director, WildEarth Guardians

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